The Chase



Sweeping and swerving

Branches whipping my skin

Huffing and panting

Anticipating pure sin

He narrows the distance

And my heart takes flight

Longing and yearning

For true love’s first bite


Greedy fingers catch fabric

And pull at my dress

Dragging me down

To the forest floor mess

Tumbling and turning

Dried leaves in my hair

Wrists caught in his grip

Like the devil’s own snare


The first thrust is brutal

And I cry at the skies

Hungry lips at my neck

Throbbing flesh between thighs

He sets a harsh rhythm

And I beg him for more

Frantic nails down his back

Till he’s bloody and raw


Pushed to new height

He growls close to my ear

Before flipping me over

Lust ramped to top gear

Slapping skin fills the night

As he tugs my hair hard

Snarling and snapping

Frail throat surely marred


My whimpers of pleasure

Flush birds from the trees

Bones trembling, dripping sweat

On dirtied hands and knees

He takes all he wants

But gives me much more

Fulfilling my fantasy

This chase I’d asked for


©Paige Thomas 2018