Here is my interview with Paige Thomas

This is an interview I did recently with a lovely lady from Scotland. And just quietly, I shared the entire Prologue of the novel I’m currently working on. Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!


Name Paige Thomas

Age 44

Where are you from

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but I relocated to the central coast of New South Wales not long after my son was born. I have some family on the coast and spent a lot of time with them when I was growing up. It’s actually one of the locations I’ve used in my novel Starstruck. It’s much quieter than city life and the beaches are beautiful— not crowded like those in Sydney. Some days I can walk along the sand for half-an-hour without seeing another soul.  

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I was signed with a publisher in the US in 2012, but at the beginning of this year I went out on my own as an indie author. I’ve recently re-released two titles, Starstruck and Count Me In. I’m not sure when this interview will be published…

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A Winner…and a Freebie!

The winner has been drawn for my recent giveaway…


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