True Colours


I knew you were no good

Right from the very start

I told you both how I felt

But you still captured her heart

I saw the clear signs

Saw the damage you could do

I tried to shelter her

From the evil likes of you

You twisted every story

To make yourself glow

But I knew the devil you hid

Knew the nastiness below

You made her feel beautiful

At one point in time

But your true colours showed

Your true intentions, your crime

She gave you everything she had

Never deserving her devotion

You took everything for granted

Set the wheels of hate in motion

Now she sees those true colours

For they are dark and dim

You are no longer her saviour

No longer her whim

You not only abused her trust

But her body and soul

And there will be no forgiveness

There will be no self-control

You have done your last dash

I’ll stand by and watch no more

You hurt her again

And I’ll settle the score

She’s too good for you

And now she finally sees

You no longer lock her heart

For only she holds the keys

Be gone, bad choices

Be gone, cruel anomaly

She no longer wants you

She has us, her true family.

©Paige Thomas 2014


A poem… Decisions




Blatant lies and distrust

But I know the truth

False accusations?

Oh, I have the proof

I could stand up and shout

For all the world to see

But I’m not that vindictive

That just wouldn’t be me

I could seek further counsel

Let honor be true

Though I refuse to waste more energy

Even thinking of you

My head is held high

My smarts are on straight

Refuse to tarnish my heart

With this nonsense and hate

I’ll walk on my own

As my fate sees fit

And trust in the knowledge

I’ll survive with true grit

I’ll value the lessons

I’ve learnt on the way

Keep the good memories close

And the bad ones at bay

Goodbye to ill choices

Make room for the well

I’ve no time for the wicked

They can all go to hell

Bring on positivity

The good and the just

I’ll continue to mold stories

Of romance and lust

My soul’s full of purpose

My future is bright

I renounce all the politics

Leave me be, let me write

© Paige Thomas 2014