Moonlight Seduction


Please take my hand
Don’t be afraid
I’ll keep you safe
Never betrayed

Let me worship
As only I can
Give you my all
For I am your man

No need to rush
The night is long
Feel my heart beat
It plays our song

I’ll test your limits
Show you new height
Watch you soar
Under gleaming moonlight

Touch you, taste you
Release your heart
You were always mine
Right from the start

Feel my tongue
Lavish your sweet skin
Your body’s my temple
Pure heavenly sin

We move in sync
Joined at the hips
Pull on my hair
As I lick your lips

I will not cease
Until you are sated
My beautiful goddess
We’re forever mated

I’ll make you sweat
And squirm beneath me
Crave my flesh
And come with thee

I feel you clench
And squeeze my soul
Take all I offer
With you, I’m whole

Lay in my arms
Rest every pore
For when you wake
We’ll make love once more


4 comments on “Moonlight Seduction

  1. Ashe Barker says:

    Beautiful, loved this

  2. Zoey Hart says:

    Love it chick!!! Fantastic!!!

  3. Paige Thomas says:

    I pop out a half-decent one every now and again. Ta, sweetcheeks!

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