An interview with erotica author Paige Thomas!!

The delectable Mr. India interviewed me on his blog. Go check it out!

Erotica Everywhere


Hello Paige Thomas, Aussie chick, writer and hottie! I’ve been meaning to get you on my blog for ages, and now I finally have you. What am I to do with you……? We need to check compatibility!

I got sick and tired of all your bitching and moaning…”Oh, pleeease Paige, won’t you spare me just a few minutes of your precious time and let me interview you?” After your millionth plea I began to feel sorry for you. Plus, you were causing an annoying ringing sound to develop in my ears. What’s the old saying? Throw the dog a bone? So, now that you’ve got me, hit me with your questions, Fido.

OK firstly, what is it with rock stars? You know they smell right?! I mean come on girl, cheese……eeek!

What ISN’T with them? Anyone who says they haven’t fallen in love with at least one rock star is…

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