Tormented Soul


On the outside is a smile

But on the inside, a frown

You do not know the real me

Choose only to see the clown

Does the darker side of me

Make you uncomfortable?

Do you squirm? Do you twitch?

Am I that insufferable?

Beauty is only skin deep

Yet all you see is the shell

Would it make any difference

To know my mind lives in hell?

Do I sometimes cross your thoughts

When you go about your day?

Do you ever think of me?

Do you know the price I pay?

Torment scratches at my door

But with a smile, I still feign

Pick myself up, brush it off

Though still live and breathe the pain

It’s corroded my frail heart

Made me who I am today

Broken rose-coloured glasses

The world has left me this way

You can take everything I have

I don’t need it anymore

Am due to meet the devil

Then I will settle the score


7 comments on “Tormented Soul

  1. Julie Foster says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. debradml says:

    Love this Paige, didn’t realise you wrote poems too! xox

  3. Angel Hawk says:

    Sweet Paige,this just hit me full frontal and shook me to the core,so heartbreakingly beautiful! 💋

  4. Angel Hawk says:

    Reblogged this on this is me💋.

  5. Love this Paige!! You made being tormented sound beautiful,

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