You’ve Got Mail!

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By now, most of you are aware of my passion and appreciation for great music. Let’s face it, I’m certainly not shy when it comes to expressing my thoughts on this topic.

I grew up as a professional musician’s kid, my love for melodic sound embedded in my DNA – one of the best gifts my father could have bestowed on me. So it came as no surprise that some of that passion would seep into my writing, music a mighty competitor wrestling for the top spot on my list.

Ever since I can remember, whenever I hear a beautiful instrumental, a brilliant song, a perfect melody, it sends real shivers down my spine. Others might say “someone just walked over my grave” when they experience the same feeling, but in that moment I am one with the music, connected emotionally and spiritually. For those three minutes or so I am transported to a heavenly place and my mind, body and soul are at blissful peace…harmony with the world. I’d almost go as far as saying it’s better than sex. Almost!

I enjoy a vast variety of music, but very few artists have that “it” factor for me. Now, don’t worry, there’ll be no Bon Jovi pictures plastered all over this post. No, this one is solely dedicated to a man I’ve admired and adored since Dream Catch Me first played on my radio and graced my ears. But he was so young! How could he be that talented already?!

I bought the first album, then religiously the next, and the next, but nothing could adequately prepare me for the making and release of Newton Faulkner’s Studio Zoo. Wow! What a fantastic, smart concept his manager (also sister) conceived. So “out of the box”…so brilliant! It was then my suspicions were confirmed – genius certainly ran in the Faulkner family.

Over a span of five glorious weeks we (the fans) got to watch the entire recording process from start to finish. We witnessed the many highs, the lows and all the laughter and shenanigans in between. Now, how many recording artists do you know who would open up their private home, four cameras documenting every second, 24/7?

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The first week I logged onto the live stream I sat back, quietly in awe as I watched and listened to the beginnings of what would soon become my favourite album. And I learned something very quickly. I did not only love Newton’s music but I was fast falling in love with the man himself. How could I not? He’s not only incredibly talented but he’s also warmhearted, extremely generous, humble and down right funny! I’d scored the mega musical jackpot!!

Nearing the end of week one, and surprisingly without an intimidated bone in my body, I decided to interact with Mr. Faulkner through Twitter during the streams. I didn’t go all fan girl on his arse when he began to respond…well, not for more than those first few minutes, anyway. No, pleasingly, I was completely put at ease by his down-to-earth nature which only encouraged my sassy self to emerge even more.

By the end of week five I may have let slip one too many innuendos (some I didn’t even mean for them to sound that way), but overall I don’t think I scared him too much. I’m fairly certain he knows it was all in good fun, a little tongue in cheek. Although, I meant it when I called him a sexy beast. And what fun I had! Newton was a champ and took my forward humour in good stride, sometimes even laughing along with me. And when the cameras took their final bow and went to black, I’m not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two.  I truly missed the experience once it was over, but I now have the fondest of memories to carry with me and I will treasure them always.

So, you would think nothing could top that, right?


Look what arrived in my mail box today…

Phone pics 003

You see, I became fast friends with a lovely English woman, Roochi, who was also a dedicated “Zooster” like myself, tuning in almost every day to watch the Faulkner brothers at work. She recently had the pleasure of seeing Newton perform live in London and the sweetest of sweethearts took it upon herself to acquire me a special gift. I can’t thank her enough for not only thinking of me, but for forwarding me my newest, most prized possession. Bless you, Roochi. You’re a good egg!

If you haven’t already rushed out and bought Studio Zoo (go the Deluxe edition!) I strongly recommend you do…and soon. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Seriously, go…now!

P.S. His note constitutes a marriage proposal, doesn’t it? It has the words “love” and “long time”, that implies marriage, kids and a white picket fence, surely! No? Damn, can’t blame a woman for trying.

P.P.S. If you’re reading this Newton, did you get my box…I mean, your package…I mean…well, you know what I mean.

P.P.P.S. Yes, everything I say, Sam…everything I say. 😉 XOXO

Want a small taste? Listen to the latest single Losing Ground

Where to find Newton Faulkner? Facebook | Twitter | Store | Web site

You can purchase all four albums at iTunes, Amazon and any good music store!


9 comments on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. patrickdarcy says:

    lol PT!!! thank the lord Newrton is far far away!

  2. Paige Thomas says:

    He’s safe…for now.

  3. Angel Hawk says:

    Hmmm…let me get this straight…there’s a wedding coming up? You’re going to be a busy lady,if you need any tips….lol💋

  4. Just had a listen… Love it… Bought it! xx

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