Bucket Lists!

Note: Originally posted on Monday, April 1, 2013

I’d never really thought about having a “bucket list” until I wrote Count Me In. If I were to know I had very limited time left to live, what would I want to accomplish…see…do?


I pondered over all the exotic countries I’ve never experienced, all the wonders of the world I’ve yet to see with my own eyes. I sifted through the archive of memories in my mind, pulling one out here and there where I may have regret for letting opportunities pass me by.


 But, in the end, the only item that made my list was family and friends. When it comes to the crunch, that is what I’d do in my final weeks, months… I’d soak up as much of the people I love until there was no tomorrow. Everything else is just gravy.

What would be on your list?

Comments transposed from original blog…

Bria1984: I want to see snow for the first time ever in time square New York, I want to travel on my own, I want to live in a developing country for a while, I want to kiss in the rain, I want to travel first class, i want to learn another language. that’s just some of them 🙂

Paige Thomas: I like your list! I’m with you on the snow, too. I’ve only seen once and I had to travel to NZ to do it. I’d love a white Christmas in New York.

Angel Hawk: Wanna travel,meet all my favorite authors,learn to fly*wink*,learn to scubadive,try a BDSM club.

Paige Thomas: A few of those made my first list. I’m not telling which, though.

Abbie Foxton: Listening to every favourite song I love at least once…I think that may also take another lifetime.

Paige Thomas: Yeah, music would be a constant whatever I was doing.


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