Would you sleep with a rock star?


Note: Originally posted Monday, January 14, 2013

There’s just something unbelievably sexy about a good-looking rock star.

Is it their talent? Their bad-boy image? Or is it because they seem so unattainable? I think it might be a combination of all three.


I crushed, hard, on one particular rock star at age eleven or twelve, and my loyalty has never wavered since. To this day I still drop everything (except when I happen to be holding someone’s baby) when his face appears on my television. My hubs joked when we got married that he was going to include a “Rock Star Loophole” into our vows: ‘One night of passion permitted should I ever find myself lucky enough to meet my obsession in the flesh!’


I really should have gotten that one in writing.

So, who’s face did you have plastered all over your bedroom walls when you were young? Are you still a fan of them now?

Comments transposed from original blog…

Joanne Best: Oh my! Well as gorgeous as JBJ is, I can’t help but see him as just another kid from the neighborhood who I grew up with, but I’ve been ridiculously attracted to rock stars since I first saw The Monkees as a way-too-young-to-know little girl (got to meet them all backstage a few times);by the time I was of legal age, I was crazy for the lead singer of a punk band (Dead Boys,then Lords Of The New Church) to the point where that pesky virginity needed to be dealt with and, well, he took care of that problem 😉
I can honestly say that every single guy I’ve been “involved” with has been in one band or another including my hubby~ but then again, I’m the lead singer in my own band so pretty much everyone I know is in a band. So I guess I’m a combination of groupie/rock star lol

Paige Thomas: The Monkees! Can’t say I’ve heard of the punk bands. My dad’s a musician, so my mum always warned me off them LOL

Will Moore: It would me a pleasure to tame Pink, and to teaching Rihanna. ( I love mind control thinking games). A great partynight with Kathy Perry, to celebrate an Award be could very fine and interesting too.

Paige Thomas: Two of those women are extremely strong-willed. Good luck with that. LOL And who wouldn’t want to party with Katy Perry!!

Robert India: Have to say I never lusted after a rock star. Is it a gurl thing?
I did lust after female pop stars! I guess that makes me a total diva!
No Jon Bon jovi for me, it’s all about kylies ass!!

Paige Thomas: Well, at least you chose an Aussie! 10 points for good taste in women. 🙂 “I should be so lucky, lucky…..”


Lisafulham298: Oh I had many and my biggest was Robbie Williams, me and my friend were going to have a double wedding with her and Mark Owen 🙂 to this day I would totally shag the pants right off him xx

Paige Thomas: Yeah, I can see that. He’s such a cheeky bugger. Little on the short side for me, though. I think I’m taller and that’s a major turn-off for me.

Latersbabyuk: I had two. Limahl and Adam Ant. My first naughty dream was about Limahl 🙂 I’d totally lend one to Adam Ant if I met him & he serenaded me with Ant Music… That drum beat totally gets my blood pumping. Limahl? Well. It turns out I wouldn’t be his cup of Earl Grey so it’s a non-starter!

Paige Thomas: LOL Haven’t heard the name Limahl for quite some time. I always had a bit of a thing for Mr. Ant, too. I think it was the leather pants and the war paint!


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