Who’s on my stage? Author interview #1


Note: Originally posted Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Every now and then, I’ll be interviewing a variety of authors from different sub-genres of romance and erotic fiction.

First up, let’s tackle the elephant in the room…hardcore erotica. It’s down and dirty, no-holds-barred storytelling, which takes many a reader out of their everyday norm and tosses them head-first into a secret world of uninhibited sexual fantasy.

According to my publisher’s statistics, more and more straight women are reading gay and bi-sexual erotica, including slash (male-on-male sex). So much so, Ellora’s Cave introduced a new line just to meet the growing market.

So, with today’s topic in mind, I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick-start my “In the Spotlight” blog than self-published erotica author, Robert India. Robert is a fun-loving, bi-sexual, rugby-playing writer, hailing all the way from beautiful Dublin, Ireland.


Paige: “Welcome, Robert! And thank you so much for being my first guinea pig…ah, guest author.”

Robert: “Hi, Paige. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your interviewee. As you personally know, I love to experiment! So I’m more than happy to be your pig. Sorry, guinea pig!”

Paige: “Excellent! Let’s get on with the test…I mean…the questions, shall we? Okay, now, I’ve had the pleasure of reading two of your books so far–your latest, Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: The Ice Men of Copenhagen, and Svetlana in Heels. Although I found both very different, they were equally hot reads. Svetlana’s a woman who knows how to take what she wants. Any plans for writing more stories involving strong, feisty female characters to mix with your men?”

Robert: “In short, yes! My next short story, Femme Fatale, from theSlave to my Nature series, is all about a strong woman–the kind of woman who brings me to my knees. Feisty women are an obsession of mine. Strong, sexual, sassy and dangerous! I’m sporting a semi just thinking about this kind of woman. Nothing turns me on more than a wild woman. So yes, there will be plenty of strong female characters in my stories.

“By the way, if I pass the test, what do I get? You need some Irish hospitality in you!”

Paige: “You get the privilege of popping my ‘interviewer cherry’, and the warm and fuzzy knowledge that I will remember you fondly, always! Oh, and if you can complete the giant maze in record time, you get an A+…and maybe some lettuce leaves. *ignores “semi” comment, though may have snickered…just a little*

“From what I’ve read of your work, you write solely from your male character’s POV. I enjoyed hearing from a genuine man’s voice through your books (as opposed to a female writer’s depiction of how women see their male characters interacting), but have you ever considered writing partly from the female’s POV as well? Is that something you could see yourself exploring in your writing?”

Robert: “I really can’t see it happening. My intention is to write from an accurate male POV. To get across what men really think, feel and want. I can be accurate, as guess what? I’m a man! Too often I read male POV fiction which is obviously written by a woman. I’m reading and thinking, ‘What the? No man I know thinks like this.’ My fear is that I would fall into the same trap if I tried a female POV. Besides, I think there is a real interest in reading from a genuine male POV. Some women might find it scary, gross and weird. But hey, that’s us men. We don’t think like women!”

Image***Please note – the Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player series is being re-released under pen name Patrick Darcy by Wilde City Press. Part 1 on sale May 15, 2013.

Paige: “What do you think about collaborations between men and women authors? Do you think it’s possible for Mars and Venus to coexist inside a single story and still read smoothly as one? I haven’t read any myself, but have read collaborations between two female authors.”

Robert: “The thought of two very horny persons writing together, feeding off each other’s sexuality and sexual tension is very arousing. Sadly, I don’t think that it’s the reality. Can two creative personalities work in harmony? I’m not convinced, but in my fantasy world, my co-writer is bent over the desk trying to type as I ravish her ass with my tongue. Though, if my co-writer is able to type at that point, then I’m doing a bad job with my tongue!”

Paige: *moves to slap Robert, but then suddenly remembers she’s supposed to be acting purely in a professional capacity* “Many authors write about what they know. Can we safely assume you’ve experienced at least some of the adventures you’ve written about?”

Robert: “Well, Paige, what can I say? I’m a man of the world, and I love sex. Sex with hot men. Sex with hot women. And many, many combinations! Of course, there is an element of fantasy in my writing, but I’ve a large pool of personal adventures to call upon when writing. Write what you know,they say. And I know hot sex, so that’s what I’m writing about!”

Paige: “The Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player series focuses heavily on threesomes between men, and touches on one or two sexual acts which, in previous times, have been labelled as taboo. We all want to know, are there really rugby players out there who are…that…interesting? Ahem… And by interesting, I mean horny as hell and into the kinky stuff? If it’s true, I may have to seriously reconsider my resolution to never watch sport again.”

Robert: “Kinky? One man’s kink is another man’s vanilla! What we consider taboo is rapidly shrinking. What really is taboo these days? Is it really a big deal if I poo on you? NOT that I do. Oh, Lordy!

“Let’s be honest, men can be incredibly horny and depraved! We want to do things that women don’t necessarily want to do, or are remotely turned on by. There are things I enjoy doing with men that women don’t.

“Yes, I have met plenty of very kinky, hot rugby players. Though, in my writing the ‘volume is turned up’. In reality, we are all very conscious of safe sexual practices, and we have to protect ourselves. Though, in fantasy, there are never any repercussions!”


Paige: “The description of Conor seems to be very close to your own appearance. So tell us, is it accurate in every way?”

Robert: “In all honesty? Yes! I have the four-leaf clover tattoo on my hip. I have that tall, muscular body. And I have that dick! I’m very proud of my Irish meat, and I’m happy to spread the love.”

Paige: *controls her guffaw* “Well, I can’t confirm or deny one of those statements, so, let’s continue, shall we?

Robert: “Paige, I’m happy to let you see me naked. Shall we strip?”

Paige: *quirks eyebrow*

Robert: “No? Chicken!”

Paige: “Robert. I know it must be terribly difficult for you to be in the presence of such awesomeness, but keep in mind, I’m a happily married woman.” *snaps fingers* “Hey! My eyes are up here, bud.”

Robert: “Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest!

Paige: *slapping hand twitches sporadically* Ahem… The game scene in The Ice Men of Copenhagen was very well written. I could feel Conor’s energy and the swell of emotion as it played out. I wanted to roar right along with him. That kind of writing only comes from personal experience. Have you played rugby for a long time?”

Robert: “Rugby has been a great love in my life. I’ve played since I was eleven and I fell in love with the game right away. I became involved with ‘gay’ rugby after university. When I say gay rugby, I should qualify that by saying most of the so-called ‘gay teams’ are made up of gay, straight and bisexual players. The ethos of most teams is to provide an inclusive environment for all men to enjoy the sport, free of any form of sexual discrimination.

“Fundamentally, it’s all about fun. Rugby is a great game and brings me a lot of satisfaction. It’s irrelevant to me that it’s a gay team. These are just my buddies. And, just like all teams, we want to win. And after each game–win or lose–we do the same as any other team…sing, get drunk and flash our hot asses at women!”

Paige: “I think all teams should follow the same ethos, in regards to any form of discrimination. And I expect a VIP invite for the next after-game party. *writes address on back of business card and slips into Robert’s hand…very discreet-like*

“Are you a methodical writer (a plotter), or do you wing it and make the story up as you go?”

Robert: “Personally, I prefer to outline a brief plot, do character cards and then just go for it. There is an organic approach to my writing style, so I’m happy to go ‘off reservation’ if it feels right. As long as it’s hot and entertaining, I’m not too stressed about how I got there.”

Paige: “Have you read many books written by female erotica authors?”

Robert: “Short stories are my preferred reading option, as they fit in with my lifestyle. I’ve read a broad selection of short stories by women, but it’s not my way to stick to particular authors. Mostly, I read about things that turn me on. So, if I see a hot BDSM porn movie, I’m likely to buy a BDSM short story afterwards. Monkey see, monkey read.”

Paige: “What other genres do you like to read in your down-time? Any favourites you keep going back to? Any authors you’d care to recommend from your bookshelf?”

Robert: “I’m a big reader of popular philosophy. My first degree was in Continental Philosophy. Sadly, academic philosophy books can be pretty dry, so I really enjoy lighter pop philosophy. AC Grayling, Simon Blackburn, Alain de Botton…easy reading but still interesting.”

Paige: “So, what’s next for Mr. India? Got any more projects in the works?”

Robert: “There are a couple of projects on the go. A serialized story exploring a destructive lust-filled bisexual love triangle, and a series based on men’s weaknesses!

“The love triangle series will explore and break down some preconceptions that people may have about bisexual men, whilst looking at how three people can actually coexist. The latter project will be self-contained short stories. Each story will explore particular sexual weaknesses in men.

“Of course, there will be a few more rugby stories, too. There is always time to write about hot, gay sex.”



After a hearty slice of cake, the afternoon can be a bit of a slog. The sugar buzz soon wears off, and that mid-afternoon slump hits home. It’s only the thought of meeting some hot thing after work that gets me through the slump. Quite often, that hot thing is the love of my life. A woman who understands me better than I understand myself.

From the moment I met her, I knew that I had to have her. Make her mine and worship her. I don’t mean possess her, as I would a chair or table. What I mean is to give myself to her,completely. She has it all. Stunning good looks, clever wit, more brains than a super computer and the kind of kick-ass attitude that brings grown men, like me, to their knees. And she is never without a killer pair of heels for me to want to lick. She is my kindred spirit, sees the world as I do, and has the balls to call me out on my BS. She is quite simply, bewitching.

She’s also another reason why I should not eat so much cake. A man has to look his best to keep a prize such as her. I call her my Houseguest. Why? Well, it just kinda stuck. She was at my place having her pussy worshiped by me, when my mother called around, as Irish mammies do. Mother wanted to pop in for a cuppa and no doubt set me straight on something. But I had to say, “Sorry mom, I have a houseguest.” This houseguest was quite naked and not presentable for my mother. And from that moment, it stuck. Not that all houseguests get the kind of special treatment she does. No, I save all my most special love for her.

* * * * * *

Final word from Paige: “It’s also worth noting, when you purchase one of Robert’s books, be sure to read right to the very last page. Those readers kind enough to leave Robert a review–on any of the vendor’s sites where his books are sold—will receive a special email surprise from the author himself! Wanna see a PG version sneak-peek of mine? Mum, it’s time to look away…now!”
You can find Robert at www.eroticaeverywhere.com or buy his books from his Amazon author page here. *** Femme Fatale…on sale Friday, February 1, 2013!
Comments transposed from original blog…
Lisafulham298: Omg you two are so funny and entertaining, I’m almost crying with laughter here.
Paige Thomas: So glad you liked it, baby girl! Wanted to take a different approach to the run-of-the-mill author interview. Yay! We have at least one fan. If we get enough comments, we may even make good on that promise and take it on the road. Look out for ticket sales!
Snewell635: Great interview, very witty and enjoyable. Congratulations to you [both] a job well done.
Paige Thomas: Thanks! For stopping by, and for leaving your comment. It’s greatly appreciated. 🙂
Malia: Loved it Paige! You and Robert are the most entertaining twosome on twitter you know that right? Love it And Robert is just a hot mess lol I think that’s what makes him so special. Can’t wait to read more love what you do. Was sitting in my car laughing when I read this so had to come home to comment. Just had to tell you much love to my Fav Aussie xx
Paige Thomas: Hey, Malia! You do realise we are courting now, and it’s just a matter of time before we procreate? I bet our babies would be beautiful, too! Thank you, so much, hon. Can’t tell you how much I love that this little piece is making people laugh, and reaching all parts of the globe. Just proves how universal humour really is. And I think I did it without using ANY slang whatsoever! Possibly a first for me. xxx

P.S. Those aren’t spelling mistakes, that’s how we Oz and UK peeps spell. They’re in the dictionary, and everything.

Robert India: I just want to say: don’t my tattoo’s look great! Oh and thanks Paige for being my ‘Charlene’ from down under.

Paige Thomas: *sighs* And you’ll always be my Scott! “Especially For You”.

Robert India: I’ll have u know I have never had a mullet!

Paige Thomas: Ha! I bet mammie could find me a pic or two.

Madame Mischief: Excellent job guys very entertaining! Robert your next thank you to me should read horny & depraved!

Paige Thomas: Hey M! Thanks, hon. And I’ll be sure to pass your request onto Robert…lol

Meri: Great Interview! Sounds like both of you had fun! It was both funny & informative!!

Paige Thomas: Thanks, Meri! It was a blast!!!

Arlene Vale: I just read your interview. Great job for both of you. I”m speechless, I know that’s not a good thing. You both are a lot of fun and I’m so glad I got to know both of you in a writing sort of way.

Paige Thomas: Thanks, hon!


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