Psychic phenon…phenonam…Spooky Stuff!!


Originally posted Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do you believe in psychic phenomena? Have you ever sat with a fortune teller?

Almost everyone I’ve ever met has at least one strange story to tell, whether it be from a private experience or something a psychic told them during a reading–something uncanny, something that couldn’t possibly have been known by another.

I’ve had quite a few strange things happen. This is one of them.

I was in the eighth grade, and during my last class of the day–English–I got a terrible feeling. It came out of nowhere. I didn’t exactly feel sick or have a headache. I simply had an uncontrollable urge to run home as fast as I could. I even went so far as to ask my teacher if I could be dismissed early, but when she demanded a reason why, I didn’t know what to tell her. My leg bounced underneath my desk like a jackhammer as I watched the clock on the wall, and as soon as the bell rang I shot out of my seat.


Now, I didn’t live that close to my high school. It was a good twenty-five to thirty minute walk, but I’m sure I made it home in less than five minutes flat. I skidded to a halt in my front yard. There stood my mother, just having gotten out of her car. She had the same confused, horrified look on her face I’m certain was on mine. She’d gone grocery shopping while I’d been at school. Whilst standing at the checkout, waiting for her total, she too, got a terrible urge to rush home. She left the shopping–unpaid–got in her car and raced off.

We’d arrived at the house at exactly the same time. No words were spoken. We didn’t need them. Cautiously, we approached the front entrance, glanced at one another one more time, and then pushed the door open. Lying in the middle of the rug on our living room floor sat an extremely large screwdriver. Our entire home had been completely ransacked. Later, neighbors reported we’d just missed them.

Have you ever had something strange, something unexplained happen to you? Things go bump in the night? Any ghosts in the attic?

Comments transposed from original blog…

Lisafulham298: Nothing quite like that, but in my childhood home on many occasions I swore I saw two ambulance men rush past the front window and into my house. No reason for this could be found and I was the only one who ever saw it, but I saw it on many occasions – go figure.

Paige Thomas: We had a little boy in our house who used to pop up from time to time. My mum named him Michael. I only saw him twice.

Robert India: I have to confess that I often feel a sense of deja vu. I just feel certain that I’ve been here or dreamt of something happening. I tell myself I’m playing tricks on myself but still…

Paige Thomas: I get deja vu all the time. You shouldn’t dismiss it.


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