Aussie Slang – Lesson #1 For Shits & Giggles!


Note: Originally posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today’s topic is Australian slang. Well, it’s not really slang in the traditional sense of the word…it’s more about how one simple syllable can have many different meanings, depending on the context and how the phrase is delivered.


English is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, but I say, “Stralyan” is in a class of its own.


Let’s take the word “shit”. It’s a simple, four-letter word, but in the hands of an Aussie it turns into one of the most versatile, complex nouns of the English language.

I’ve compiled a list below to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Of course, there are many slang and urban dictionaries available for the tourist to learn our Aussie localisms, but they are rarely accurate. This list is compiled by an actual Australian…and a proud one at that.

1.  Shithead … Not a nice person.

2.  Up shit creek without a paddle … In a real bind, typically caused by something stupid you did.

3.  Shit for brains … Idiot.

4  Oh shit!/Holy shit! … Could be from shock, or a cheer of excitement.

5.  SHIT! … You’ve hurt yourself and there may be kids around, so you can’t yell fuck!

6.  Shit! … Angry or frustrated.

7.  You little shit … Term of endearment for someone who is being cheeky.

8.  You little shit! … Not a term of endearment, and you might want to start running.

9.  Little shit … describing a rambunctious child.

10. Shit kicker … Someone who is a low rank in their job and gets stuck with all the crappy duties.

11. No shit? … Are you telling me the truth?

12. No shit! … You mean it? Really!?!

13. Shit on toast … What mother’s answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” when she doesn’t feel like cooking for once. Husband &/or children soon fix themselves something to eat.

14. You’re shitting me … You’re kidding me, right?

15. I shit you not … I’m not lying to you.

16. This is shit … This is bad.

17. This is the shit! … This is good.

18. Don’t shit me … Don’t annoy me until I’m forced to slap you.

19. Don’t shit ME …Don’t lie to me.

20. You’re talking shit … You’re lying.

21. You’re so full of shit … You’re sooo lying.

22. You don’t know jack shit … You don’t know what you’re talking about.

23. That was a shitty thing to do … You heartless prick.

24. You think your shit don’t stink … You’re a snob and think you’re better than everyone else.

25. You’re shitting yourself … You’re really scared. Alternative: Shit scared!

26. You’re in the shit … You’re in big trouble.

27. You piece of shit … You scumbag.

28. As crazy as bat shit … Totally insane.

29. Get your shit together … Sort yourself out.

30. Same old shit … Could be the answer to many questions, e.g. What’s on TV? What have you been doing lately?

31. Tastes like shit … Tastes really bad.

32. Shit! Taste this! … Tastes really good.

33. I don’t give a shit … I don’t care.

34. I’m not copping that shit … I won’t let them treat me that way.

35. You shit me up the wall … You drive me mental, annoy or bore me to tears.

36. Beat the shit out of you … Run! You’re about to cop the whooping of your life.

37. Shit a brick! … Shocked or surprised.

38. Built like a brick shit house … Big, muscular body.

39. Shit house … Toilet, loo, lavatory.

40. Shit house! … Could be the answer to questions like, “How was your day?”, or “How do you feel?”

41. (It’s) Pretty shit … More feminine version of above.

42. Shit faced … Extremely drunk, possibly passed out on someone’s front lawn.

43. Feel like shit … Don’t feel well.

44. Just for shits and giggles … Just for fun.

45. Shit … poo.

Note: Shit can also be used to replace the word “stuff”, in ANY instance. E.g. Move your shit off my table. What is all this shit? Take your shit and go.

I’m sure there are many I’ve missed, so any Aussies out there who want to contribute, feel free to leave a comment.

Comments transposed from original blog…

Robert India: stone the crows!

Paige Thomas: You just had to throw that in. You little shit…LOL. I’ll make sure the next slang blog is just for you. I’ll include all the old fogey ones no one uses anymore…except you. x

Robert India: its the same in ireland with shit and shite

Paige Thomas: Yeah, I use shite when I’m in polite company. LOL My American Ed thinks it’s hilarious.

Lisafulham298: That’s more shit than a spork can throw 😉

Paige Thomas: HA! Don’t make my mind wander back there. Please! Where’s my hand sanitizer gone?

Malia: Wow, that’s a lot of shit! Being American that’s all I can say. LOL

Paige Thomas: I surprised myself with how many I thought of, but that shit just kept pouring out. LOL


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