Edible Art!


Note: Originally posted Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got a special delivery last Friday for my birthday…custom-made cupcakes!! I thought they were so cool I just had to share (well, the pics anyway).

My very talented cousin made them for me as a surprise – don’t I feel special! Everything you see (apart from the cupcake wrappers) is completely edible. These are Alpine white mud cakes with vanilla cream frosting and hand-made decorations. Special thanks to Sweet Treats by Design for allowing me to use their photos…my teenage son attacked the tray as soon as they came through the door, robbing me of the opportunity to snap my own.


 The logo from my site!


The dreaded manuscript rewrites! I love this!!!


 Writer’s block? Try a crossword to get the words flowing again.


A miniature of my book…how cool’s that!!


 Tea…I can’t function without several cups a day.


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