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A poem for a friend


I am not a poet. I don’t read much poetry, and quite frankly, I think I suck in that department. But every now and again I am inspired to jot one down.

A poem came to me several weeks ago and I thought it was crap. I almost tossed it away, but I didn’t scrap it completely. I put it in my bible of notes to look at again another day. That day came sooner than I thought it would.


A good friend from across the pond said something which made me take that scrap of paper out of my bible. I scratched out most of what I’d written, but kept the sentiment I’d intended alive. I quickly rewrote–inspired by my friends words–and this is the outcome.

I wasn’t going to post it here–it belongs to someone else now–but I needed to do the friendship justice, so I changed my mind. I’m a woman, after all. I’m allowed to do that.


Friends I never knew existed
Popped out of the woodwork
The frame of life
And bored into my heart
Almost as if they were there
From the very start
An encouraging, inspiring word
A show of solidarity
Blind loyalty gleaming bright
With pure untainted friendship
Misplaced faces, mixed races
A melting pot of shits and giggles
Warm hugs span wings
Across the ocean
Envelope my treasures
In a soothing embrace
Distance is neither here nor there
I cherish my friends from everywhere
You’ve touched my heart
Warmed me from within
Given me laughs, a shoulder
An ear, your time
No matter what my future may hold
My dear friend, you are irreplaceable
My dear friend, you are gold
Don’t wait another day to tell those you consider friends just how much they really mean to you.
Comments transposed from original blog…
Rachel Kincaid: Beautiful poem for a beautiful friendship.
Paige Thomas: Thank you, Rachel.
Abbie Foxton: Glad that didn’t make it to the bin…beautiful x You have such a lovespan.
Paige Thomas: Thanks, Abbie. x
Lisafulham298: Momma bear, I am beaming with pride. You are loved, treasured and I adore you more than words could ever express xxxxx
Paige Thomas: Right back atcha, baby girl. Thank you for inspiring me. xxx
Angel Hawk: Who says you suck at poetry? Girl,this is SO beautiful…Love you!
Paige Thomas: I say I suck at poetry! Lol Thanks, Angel. x

Bucket Lists!

Note: Originally posted on Monday, April 1, 2013

I’d never really thought about having a “bucket list” until I wrote Count Me In. If I were to know I had very limited time left to live, what would I want to accomplish…see…do?


I pondered over all the exotic countries I’ve never experienced, all the wonders of the world I’ve yet to see with my own eyes. I sifted through the archive of memories in my mind, pulling one out here and there where I may have regret for letting opportunities pass me by.


 But, in the end, the only item that made my list was family and friends. When it comes to the crunch, that is what I’d do in my final weeks, months… I’d soak up as much of the people I love until there was no tomorrow. Everything else is just gravy.

What would be on your list?

Comments transposed from original blog…

Bria1984: I want to see snow for the first time ever in time square New York, I want to travel on my own, I want to live in a developing country for a while, I want to kiss in the rain, I want to travel first class, i want to learn another language. that’s just some of them 🙂

Paige Thomas: I like your list! I’m with you on the snow, too. I’ve only seen once and I had to travel to NZ to do it. I’d love a white Christmas in New York.

Angel Hawk: Wanna travel,meet all my favorite authors,learn to fly*wink*,learn to scubadive,try a BDSM club.

Paige Thomas: A few of those made my first list. I’m not telling which, though.

Abbie Foxton: Listening to every favourite song I love at least once…I think that may also take another lifetime.

Paige Thomas: Yeah, music would be a constant whatever I was doing.



Note: Originally posted Friday, March 15, 2013

Count Me In is my second release with Ellora’s Cave, and I can’t WAIT for it to hit the electronic shelves on March 27th!

This is my first short story and features characters from Starstruck. Although it is a stand-alone book, I think it’s most enjoyable if you read Starstruck beforehand.

Those who have read my first novel will know I like to shake things up a bit, and this story is no different. Let’s step back a decade from Starstruck and delve into a brief, yet emotionally charged, encounter of Ricky Bradshaw’s mysterious past.

Here’s a small excerpt from my newest baby…

* * * * * *

She was still undecided about whether she should brazenly walk out to greet him or remain in his bed, naked and waiting like she’d hoped to be presented on the silk-covered platter, when the door swung wide open and the room brightened. Her entire body jolted as if she’d been zapped with a defibrillator.

His knuckles whitened on the doorknob and he growled, “What the hell!”

Her eyes widened, her throat constricting to the width of a drinking straw. The bare-chested man who stood before her was even more handsome in real life. All long lean legs, piercing brown eyes and dark hair. The thirty-year-old drummer who cautiously crept toward her had been the bad-boy of her dreams since forever. She needed this night so badly. She’d fantasized about this moment and wanted nothing more than to be fucked senseless by a real man, not the uptight businessmen her father had insisted she date in the past.

Ricky loomed over her, his broad shoulders tight with tension, his right pectoral muscle twitching like a distressed heartbeat. If she wasn’t so turned on by his half-naked body, she might have been more than a little scared of the deep scowl etched in his forehead.

“Who the fuck are you, princess? And what the hell do ya think ya doin’ in my room? This some kinda joke? One of the boys put ya up to it?”

“N-no.” She sat up, fumbled to find the edge of the sheet and covered her breasts.

He shot a glance over his shoulder, almost as if he expected someone to be standing behind him, but when he turned back around the anger melted away and he became the cocky self-assured man he was publicly renowned for.

His lips curled with the slowest of grins as he folded his arms and stared down at her. “So who was it? Ronan? No, wait…it was Jackson, wasn’t it?”

“No. Nobody put me up to anything.”

He cocked an eyebrow.

“I swear.” She remained still as he studied her face, his head comically tilted to the side like a puppy’s though his stare remained slightly narrowed with wariness.

She closed her eyes as her body hummed with nervous energy, his closeness reactivating her self-doubt. Was she making a fool of herself? Should she steal the sheet, hide herself with it, cut her losses and run for the door?

When she finally braved to raise her eyelids, she was met with an intense gaze filled with steel determination and dancing with excitement. She’d found her answers. There’d be no running tonight. The brash, wicked promise twitching at the corner of his mouth stopped all thoughts of flight in their tracks.

* * * * * *

If you’d like to HEAR me read the above excerpt…click here ==>>

Casper – A poem by ‘Yours Truly’


Note: Originally posted Sunday, March 3, 2013
Where’s the little girl gone?

The one with the sparkle in her eyes?

So rambunctious


Unstoppable in her plight

To feed a ravenous appetite

A craving for written words


Human hands molding clay

Melodic sounds

Music soothes her soul

Imagination…her high

Where’s the little girl gone?



Does she even remember me?

Does she care?

She had so much to say

Where is the rebel with a cause?

I miss her


She’s here, she never left

She was pushed to the corner

For another day

The days grew longer

Real life her Master

Until the girl finally stood

Clapped her hands

Demanded attention

She still has a lot to say

And the time is now

She speaks

No longer a girl

The girl has gone, grown

But her imagination lives on

The woman is here

To stay

The girl was right

Never too old to play

It’s finally flippin’ here!!! Well…almost


Note: Originally posted Sunday, February 17, 2013

So…the time draws near. Just three more days and my baby goes out onto the electronic shelves for the masses to peruse. Am I nervous? A little… Well, maybe a bit more than a little.

My family and friends have been patiently waiting for this first release. It seems I’ve been talking about it forever, and it’s finally arrived…the unveiling of my first piece of writing.

Starstruck is a full-length novel, the first in a series of approximately seven books. Three of those will be novels, like this one, but the other four will be short stories focused on a brief moment in time for the remaining members of the band. I only hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


To help me celebrate this momentous occasion, my dear cousin baked me a special cake. How could I not share this masterpiece?


It truly looks too good to cut, but I am to do the damage on the night of my books release. My family spoils me, but I love their guts for it!


So, this is a jaffa flavoured chocolate mud cake, and pretty much everything you see here is completely edible…even the pen. Pure genius, I tells ya!

If you’re awake around 1 a.m. my time, come celebrate with me on Twitter!